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Best Bung Features

BestBung™ has 4 patent pending features that separate it from all other bungs on the market today. BestBungs™ are attractive, comfortable, functional & affordable. BestBung™ is made from 100% FDA approved virgin material that is malleable enough to be removed under vacuum and can easily conform to oval shaped holes. The moulded feet prevent BestBung™ from popping out during fermentation out-gassing.

BestBung™ has the added feature of contoured side vents that allow an out-gassing barrel to vent without popping its bung. Once the pressure has equalized BestBung™ drops back into position sealing the barrel opening. Visit See It Work for more detail.

BestBung™ is the finest bung on the market today and represents a breakthrough in design & function at a lower cost! Order yours today.